Author: jalaruart


As a Djugun and Yawuru Man with tribal connections to the Jabirr Jabirr and Gooniyandi people, Michael Jalaru Torres draws inspiration from the unique landscapes and people of the Kimberley region. His photography poems seek to illuminate Australia’s dark history and modern day issues that shape communities, both remote and urban. Through organic and evolving […]

Visions of ancestors accustomed, Haunt my creative mind, Reminding me of suffering, And the surviving of their kind.

Oppression and marginalization, Echo throughout my life, Through my art, I strive to give voice, To their pain and their strife. Dark history silenced by ignorance, I aim to bring it to light, Acknowledge struggles and injustices, And create a dialogue to unite. Unwilling women and men, Collected shell and faced death, For foreign interests […]

SCAR 3 Abstract

The abstract of visions of what my ancestors were accustomed to haunts my creative mind. As I delve deeper into my family history, I am constantly reminded of the suffering and surviving that they had to endure. Their stories of oppression and marginalization have echoed throughout my own life, and through my art, I strive […]


As my time is coming to an end with talking about the Fujifilm XH-2 and how the camera fared in some extreme weather here in Broome but also in a studio space, the realistic use of the camera versus a full frame body is that there isn’t much difference in everyday use as a workhorse […]