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As a Djugun and Yawuru Man with tribal connections to the Jabirr Jabirr and Gooniyandi people, Michael Jalaru Torres draws inspiration from the unique landscapes and people of the Kimberley region. His photography poems seek to illuminate Australia’s dark history and modern day issues that shape communities, both remote and urban. Through organic and evolving […]

245T (Agent Orange)

In the early 1970s the WA Agriculture Protection Board hired more than 300 men to eradicate the weeds, Noogoora Burr and Parkinsonia, that were affecting livestock across northern WA. The herbicide the men were spraying contained the now-banned substance 245T – an ingredient in the defoliant Agent Orange. ‘Agent Orange’ legacy continues to haunt next generation […]


The flower taken from its home while settled on foreign soil, it awaits her time to bloom but the light is different as the water tastes strange to the tongue while strangers give support consequently stripping old growth. Many scars recorded on skin helps the voice establish itself in the cold shade, reaching for warmth […]

Abstract Landscape – Minyirr

When I tend to capture landscape the colours and texture of country speaks to me and over the years I’ve spent many hours using different Lens and filters versus times of day that allows the colour to remind the viewer of being on country and feeing the emotional connection, my landscape work isn’t about a […]


COLLECT the latest photo series by Michael Jalaru Torres is a journey into the dark history of collected human remains taken from Australia and held in institutions in Germany during the early 19th century, Jalaru has captured and presented these works to shed light on the past to help coincide with the repatriation of these […]

Of the Sea

Strong and venerable these beings are of mother earth, She is my equal, my mother, my daughter, Protect but not to smother, Set free without a cage but offer home to return, Never to look down upon, but to share a thought, Worship her soul and not only the skin, I am but the moon […]