Visions of ancestors accustomed, Haunt my creative mind, Reminding me of suffering, And the surviving of their kind.

Oppression and marginalization, Echo throughout my life, Through my art, I strive to give voice, To their pain and their strife.

Dark history silenced by ignorance, I aim to bring it to light, Acknowledge struggles and injustices, And create a dialogue to unite.

Unwilling women and men, Collected shell and faced death, For foreign interests with disregard, For our people’s wellbeing and breath.

Their exploitation a reminder, Of the struggles we still face, Justice and equality we fight for, And humanity we must embrace.

To truly understand their pain, We must connect on a deeper level, Empathize and recognize their strength, And in their resilience, revel.

Join me on this journey, To illuminate the dark history, Delve into our family’s past, And share their stories for unity.

Healing and reconciliation, The space we create, Working towards a just society, Where all can thrive and celebrate.

The abstract of visions, Haunts my creative mind, But through connection and sharing, A brighter future we’ll find.