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OPENING THURSDAY 24 OCTOBER 6.00-8.00PM Blak Dot Gallery |www.blakdot.com.au  33 Saxon Street BRUNSWICK 3056 Mother Earth Burns as scars tattoo across her skin, her life-giving flow dried to dust. Her tears are salty to the tongue as her voice burns red. She cries out to those who are willing to listen to her song. A collection […]


COLLECT the latest photo series by Michael Jalaru Torres is a journey into the dark history of collected human remains taken from Australia and held in institutions in Germany during the early 19th century, Jalaru has captured and presented these works to shed light on the past to help coincide with the repatriation of these […]


What is being NATIVE and how does a NATIVE person see the world? The landscape talks to us through colours and texture far beyond what the untrained eye can see – through the shift in colours in the sky and water, the contrast from land to sea and the emotional connection to country. Being NATIVE […]

Beautiful Violence

Two worlds collide when the warm sun sets into the cold dark night, the colours of the day become cools and changes to the purple haze of night, the shadows softens and the highlights subdue as change is inevitable as worlds violently merge to create a moment of peace and beauty.   It is in […]


Capturing the colour and liyan of country, these images share stories in a modern way of sharing Songlines. Using the light and hues of the land, sea and sky each capture using age-old camera methods of long and multiple exposures. Evoking the dark and colourful past of Roebuck Bay this work expresses the many lives taken over many generations to […]


245T (Agent Orange) In the early 1970s the WA Agriculture Protection Board hired more than 300 men to eradicate the weeds, Noogoora Burr and Parkinsonia, that were affecting livestock across northern WA. The herbicide the men were spraying contained the now-banned substance 245T – an ingredient in the defoliant Agent Orange. ‘Agent Orange’ legacy continues to […]


The exhibition ‘Scar’ is about delving beneath the surface of the stories behind the images. The artist physically scars the paper to create the works, which is a slow, meditative process. They work with personal experiences, those relating to the region in which they live, and at a national level. They try to keep things […]