Fine art photography by Jalaru

European institutions policy of collecting and storing objects of human remains of Australia’s first peoples has a long dark history that has been hidden for many decades.

This series illuminates on the stolen remains of female divers along the coast of Broome where women young and old were forced to dive for the largest pearl shell in the world both risking their lives diving in these waters and the harm that would happen to their loved ones on shore if they refused to dive.

The remains were collected and placed in boxes while shipped across the sea to be sold to these European institutions for observation and storage during the 1800-1900’s, today these horrible practices are finally being exposed and slowly being corrected with the repatriation of these remains back to country.


Photo series by Michael Jalaru Torres

This series will be exhibited at the Galerie KUB in Leipzig, Germany opening on the 21st August until the 1st September 2019