‘To Be Continued… Photography from Indigenous Australia’ 2019

To Be Continued is a survey of recent photography from Indigenous Australia. Cinematic vistas of wide-open spaces recall memories of childhood and adolescence and re-enactments of history shed light on horrific frontier violence while restrained yet poignant portraits give face to some of Australia’s more remote communities.

With work from remote, regional and metropolitan based artists, To Be Continued highlights the diversity and complexity of lived experience, history, and expressions of cultural identity across Indigenous Australia.

To Be Continued also explores unique intercultural collaborations between Indigenous practitioners and artists whose work is informed by other unique heritage and experience – highlighting the ways in which practitioners engage in meaningful exchange to develop new work.

Exhibiting Artists

Neil Butler
Dean Cross
Exposure Collective
Michael Cook
Karla Dickens
Fiona Foley
Hayley Millar-Baker
Lavene McKenzie & Dave Laslett
Michael Jalaru Torres

Curated by: Glenn Iseger-Pilkington