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The cloudy days continued so keeping with the soft light theme and outdoors friends of mine asked to capture a special moment with some maternity photos down at Simpson beach with the water and mangroves and red pindan mud with “Astia” the choice of film sim and the dreamy look of the 56mm lens. Extra […]


Meet Johani, not only one of the few First nation crocodile handlers in Australia, on his day we were lucky that a stay crocodile located in a pond was brought into the #malcolmdouglascrocodilepark farm and became the model for today’s shoot. Johani also does amazing cultural tours in the Broome area with his company @mabuburutours […]


During the “Man-gala” – wet season which is Summer for the northwest of Australia from December-March and can be typically monsoonal type weather which will be cloudy and storms with heavy rain to then bright hot sunny days with wild swell, these elements can be very taxing on gear with extreme heat and moisture and […]


While visiting Perth on a family holiday we came across the skate park in Scarborough with some young skater kids dropping into the bowl, so I quickly got the XH-2 out with the 56mm and 23mm lens and captured these crazy and amazing kids doing their thing. Shooting quick and fast with the skaters moving […]


Caught up with my uncle Neville Poelina down on the flood ways of Roebuck Plains to do a quick photo shoot and have a yarn about all things and what he has been up to lately with @kookoos_own a traditional bush medicine venture. As we talked and joked about things watching the beautiful cloud formations […]


The storms have passed, and the weather becomes more normality as the blue skies overtake the overcast views that also signals some swell from the Indian ocean as the surfers arrive back onto Cable Beach making best use of some waves in very sunny and humid conditions. I decided to try my hand at some […]

Studio Film…

Through networking and sheer luck I managed to find a empty office space to set up a pop up photo studio which was a blessing in the very wet and humid conditions which at times affects when people want to do portrait sessions. Using the empty square room I grabbed all my lighting gear which […]

Studio Kuro…

While shooting in colour in the studio lighting environment was a treat, shooting in the ACROS film simulation with the 40-megapixel sensor was out of this world, usually Ill shoot with the GFX100 in these situations but shooting with the XH-2 with ACROS gave the images a smooth monochrome look which I tend to call […]


Was an experiment to see if I can create fine art photography work with the XH-2’s sensor and using the ACROS film simulation, this was a challenge in shooting darker skin tone in studio lights, but the sensors tonal range was perfect for these monochrome captures and gives that Fuji Kuro look that I love […]