Fine art photography by Jalaru

Beautiful Violence


Two worlds collide when the warm sun sets into the cold dark night, the colours of the day become cools and changes to the purple haze of night, the shadows softens and the highlights subdue as change is inevitable as worlds violently merge to create a moment of peace and beauty.  

It is in these moments I capture the beauty of change and stillness where one can reflect not only on the day that has just passed, the shifts of hues in the sky, the clouds ever changing forms above as if they are doing a scared dance to bring forth the night and the ancestors in the milky way.  

Figures can be seen in the shadows if you are patient enough to see, and songs carry in the wind from our ancestors if you clear your head to hear, it is in these moments that you feel the land below your feet, you feel the ancestors on your skin and you connect with country and are at peace, your Liyarn is strong again.  

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