Fine art photography by Jalaru


European institutions policy of collecting and storing objects of human remains of Australia’s first peoples has a long dark history that has been hidden for many decades. This series illuminates on the stolen remains of female divers along the coast of Broome where women young and old were forced to dive for the largest pearl


What is being NATIVE and how does a NATIVE person see the world? The landscape talks to us through colours and texture far beyond what the untrained eye can see – through the shift in colours in the sky and water, the contrast from land to sea and the emotional connection to country. Being NATIVE


245T (Agent Orange) In the early 1970s the WA Agriculture Protection Board hired more than 300 men to eradicate the weeds, Noogoora Burr and Parkinsonia, that were affecting livestock across northern WA. The herbicide the men were spraying contained the now-banned substance 245T – an ingredient in the defoliant Agent Orange. ‘Agent Orange’ legacy continues to