Working titles for stories of mine in short form, children’s books and short films and other interactive storytelling ways….

Black Dog

  • Black dog hunts children around Broome town at night as the kids use their wits to trick and hide from it

Ant Hills

  • A survival story of stockmen being hunted by creatures hidden under Ant Hills

The Snake

  • The story of Jalaru and his great grandfather meeting a giant snake

Bugal Bugal and Red Claw

  • The story of a lost mudskipper befriending a red claw crab and his journey home

Charlie Omung Omung

  • The story of a hermit crab searching for a new shell at Reddell beach

Crab Man

  • A tale of a lonely drifter who lives in the deep mangroves and visits the town for supplies as a curious girl finds out he is also a crab spirit

Crying Baby

  • A man wanders the dark streets of Broome being chased by an ancient ghost that cries behind you like a baby

Diving Girl

  • A tale of a girl ignorant to the world as she dives for pearl shells with her mother from a lugger

From the Sea

  • The story of a mother who becomes a creature of the sea with her child

Hairy Men

  • A fellowship of friends goes up against two hairy men in the bush tracks of Broome

Hide and Seek

  • Four boys play a cheeky game of hide and seek in the Mangroves at Old jetty beach

Mangrove Nation

  • A hidden world beneath the mangrove trees of Broome explores the adventures of a mudskipper befriending animals and surviving a journey of seeking a golden pearl within a Skeleton lugger that is guarded by an ancient crocodile and his army of crabs

Red and Bream

  • The love story of a black bream and a red snapper along the Fitzroy river

Red Dress

  • Red dress woman is in a universe of Burgarragura, two worlds where one is what you see with open eyes and the other hidden from closed minds. This tale is about 4 youths journey in a small town called Broome from the ’80s to the present day, they lead us with zany characters of the real world and dreamtime.

Shifting Man

  • A local native policeman uses ancient magic to shift between the real and spirits world hunting evil spirits

Stockman and Ili One

  • The out of this world story of a stockman befriending an alien on the run

Father and Daughter

  • Adventures of the life of a single dad and his daughter

Long Short Cut

  • The horror story of a bunch of mates driving along a bush track caught in a time loop

The Shed

  • The story of a confrontation of a native police officer and a mysterious man in a shed

Snake in the Cyclone

  • A tale of a young man who foolishly goes into the cyclone and is confronted with a snake that follows him for many years

Where does a Wombat Sleep?

  • An educational story of a wombat visiting Broome and looking for somewhere to sleep

White Skin

  • A wacky tale of a bunch of friends fighting off a wave of zombies in a small remote community