Of the Sea


Strong and venerable these beings are of mother earth,

She is my equal, my mother, my daughter,

Protect but not to smother,

Set free without a cage but offer home to return,

Never to look down upon, but to share a thought,

Worship her soul and not only the skin,

I am but the moon as she is my earth, floating beyond the sun,

When I am lost at sea she will guide me home,

Shall I not respect the things above?

Then I drown to contemplate from below








This is my 365 project, it’s the third day of my daughter away at boarding school and I needed something to focus on so I've decided to start a 365 Project, to capture and post a photo or a sketch when I feel I need a break from the camera every day for a year. Each day I will upload a photo that inspired me or even annoyed me that day and also a photo that Jadaja has sent me of something that inspired her that day.

The last photo we took together before we flew to Perth to take her to boarding school. It was the first photo we have taken together in a long time so it was fitting that the 365 project started with us together as she is my inspiration and rock in my life that keeps me sane and on track.

The day of this posting this photo had 109 likes on Facebook the most I've ever had for a profile photo and Jadaja was a little jelly


Went down to the rocks to try my luck with Steel Wool Burning, only took a small supply as a trial to see what works and test out settings.

Isaac came down later to help out with the spinning of the wool after I spent the afternoon at sunset finding a location to shoot at.

After few goes we found out that the battery style lighting of the wool wasn't as effective and moisture from the sea did have an effect on the wool as well.

But happy with some shots and trying to shoot in the dark is always tricky after chatting to Chris about sensor heating and issues with long exposure shooting at all hours of the night a storm quietly passed over the bay and then started a lightning show so I quickly drove down.

By the time I got there the lightning settled down so missed out but with the extra light in the sky I decided to get shot of the boat ramp than merged into the sand.

Using different settings than the steel wool shot I wanted to capture a moody and dark image to show the eerie feeling of being alone shooting on the beach with this huge storm approaching.


Late today caught up with local musician to do a shoot for an album cover on his first solo project.

So we headed down to catch the sunset and red pindan rocks, was hoping for some clouds to set a moody wanderer look but by the time sunset came the clouds wandered off  :)

This shot isn't the album cover but it caught my eye so it’s in the 365 project.


This is a previous shot that I took for my little niece Eva living in Melbourne, she spoke about one of her memories being the house at the point and missing the blue skies and water with red feet from the pindan.

I haven’t seen her since she was a baby and was great to be able to visit her and the family plus getting Jadaja to meet them all too. But the best part was to be able to have a little conversation with her and talk about silly things that her mum used to do when we grew up together.

So I thought I’d make a shot just for her so it can remind her of home.


Yes I got very close to the water capturing this shot; I used the 18mm CZ during my lunch break after seeing some great clouds on the horizon.

Quickly got my gear and drove to Demco Beach (behind old meat works to us locals) while it was high tide midday so I could get the nice blues and greens in the water and sky.

This is still a good spot for fishing and still some local come down to fish on good tides.

Finally took my little nephew Cody down to the beach for a photo shoot and he wasn't in the best mood until his dad showed him the old fun of the beach surf boards.

Once he figured out how to use the stick then he was off in his own world making tracks long the sand and brought back memories of playing on the beach carving our own little rocket surf boards and having hours of fun.


What I had to go through to get this shot is an understatement 15 minutes waiting for this red claw crab to come out of his hole while in broken glass ridden sticky mud.

Then he decided he was shy and tried to hide behind the mangrove root but in the end he gave me a great composition the least he could do...

Using my 100 mm macro lens hand held so that long

was tough but worth it, plus the colours of the crab and mud makes a great contrast with this shot only cropped.


Went down to Town Beach chasing the huge storm front and saw how the Japanese Torii looked great against the clouds and sky.

Setting up the camera to take some HDR shots and the polarizing filter made colours pop and just hint of the rainbow hidden in the clouds.


Just like that from the cool ocean view of Broome to the stunning rugged hills of Roebourne in 24 hours.

Drove down to Roebourne to help out Tyson on a community photography project for 5 days and the drive was great with cloud cover all the way and with some rain outside of Hedland.

Had to quickly stop and shoot some landscape shots along the road and with this shot I tried a HDR again and is really shows the green spinifex and red rock in the hills and the great cloud cover, usually when I'm down here for Pilbara Girl the sky is cloudless so it’s great to be able to get some landscape shots during the wet.


First day on the Roebourne Community Photo project was great, caught up with the rest of the crew and figured out the plan for the week.

First we went down to the Art Centre to interview and film a local artist do a painting and also showcase her other work in the centres gallery, doing a portrait shot in the older painting shed.

Later that day we went to an old shed Tyson wanted to do some portraits in with some other locals and the lighting and texture in the old shed was perfect... expect for the heat lo

So I couldn’t help myself and got a self-shot in a hero pose for a laugh for Jada.


Today ended with the crew travelling to Hearson’s Cove outside of Dampier to meet up with Lilla G who owns Kaninda Designs with local girls Lisa and Kiniesh to model the Kaninda outfits on the rugged rocks.

This shot was while I scouted for the location to shoot with the rocks and shell beach a great spot to show off the designs that have a distinct Pilbara look.


Today was a great day of shooting a real mix of styles and locations, first was a street portrait style set up at the local general store in Roebourne then we did a door to door style shoot of families then a dusk basketball shoot at the local courts with some youths.

The set up at the general store was a natural light style with use of a white canvas square .

After a day of shooting some Roebourne youth on their motorbikes and the local Saints Motor club we went down to Mt Welcome at the Old wool shed to do some steel wool burning inside of old shed.

We only had a short time to capture the sunset as a back drop but the shots worked out great and this is my favourite of the bunch with one spark heading to the night sky like a shooting star.

Many thanks to Tyson to letting us use the location and spin the wool and get burnt.


Last day of the community portraits for me and its fitting that we end it down at the old crossing, one of my favourite spots in Roebourne but the day started at 6am with a visit to Cape Lambert where we met and shot Clinton and learnt about his great work with cultural awareness in the Pilbara. Then later that day we did family portraits down at the old crossing using the great location and light.


Last day in Roebourne and was a chilled day that just involved a slow morning and also location scouting for Pilbara Girl later on the year, always need new locations for the finals photo shoots.

Other than that a lot was sorting and editing the images for the project, I found this landscape photo and thought it would be a nice final image for the week here in the Pilbara.

Also later that day I caught up with a Broome friend Kristy and had a laugh and also did a quick shoot with her and was pleased that she loved her photos, great way to end the week.

On wards to Broome in the morning chasing the storms and beating the cyclone off the coast.


On the drive back home to Broome I saw this car burnt out from a bush fire and decided to check it out. Took some shots of it and then tried a quick HDR shot before the rain settled poured down over me. The wind was crazy from Hedland onwards with the poor little hire car struggling in the gale force winds which were a far cry from the hot morning leaving Roebourne and passing bushfire and a very quiet highway, was a nice drive back with cloud cover all the way with some rain.


After a long drive back to Broome yesterday and back to work today the buzz around town was all about cyclone Rusty and the constant heavy rain today created a surreal atmosphere which sums up the image a captured today?


This monolith stood out from the low tide flats of Demco beach with the broody sky and waste land feeling of the beach, getting low to the ground and using the 18mm it gave the monolith a presence among the mud with life surrounding it and out of this world texture.

Even in cyclone weather there is colour and life hidden in the cold dark landscape, with the ever present storm clouds circling the landscape pouring its rain across the land and almost putting a black and white filter over the land some colour can be found.


Cyclone Rusty is about to hit Hedland with the effects of the cyclone still affecting Broome but the Desert Rose loves the rain and blossoms new flowers from the stark green background and livens up the moody feeling of the wind and rain.

With Cyclone Rusty still hovering out to sea of the coast of Hedland the wind speed and rain on Broome over night was rough and I took this shot during lunch down at Cable Beach where few locals also came down to feel the crazy wind and watch the huge swell that only happens in cyclone season.

With a 9.9m tide expected on Friday Cable Beach will lose some small dunes and expose more rocks that still have the affects from last year’s rough weather.

But the coconut tree showed how strong the winds can be even when the cyclone is over 500km's away, Cable Beach at lunchtime today wind speed at 17 knots and tide mark at 9.5m.


After the crazy weather of the last week I caught up with the stunning Gabbi and did a quick shoot around town, first was in the mangroves of which she got stalked and attacked by the sand flies and mud.

So we then went to the beach and got some crazy fun shots in the rain on the rocks and a rock pool but this shot in the rain I love the most, how the light captures her beautiful features.


First day on the month and the first sunset in a week for Cable Beach without the crazy weather, went for a short walk to see how the amazing clouds over the milky rough sea.

After seeing few surfers and walkers along the beach I decided to capture some HDR and Pana Shots but I chose to use a creative style shot of the sunset instead.

Using the colours of the sky and a lone car I captured this shot and instantly loved the final image as it reminds me of the whirlwind weather we have had for the past week.


Sometimes I do some crazy shit and today was just one of those moments, after having a blast taking shots of the waves crashing into the rocks and cliff and also of the boys being crazy enough jumping into the rough sea I decided that I had to get a better angle.

So I decided to walk down and try and get the boys jumping into the water for a wider shot as I couldn’t get the angle on the south side so I walked down to Anastasia pool to get the shot, so look at the link below at the footage I took after I shot the photo and see how crazy I was and I almost went swimming, good thing I have some speed left as I very quickly turned and run up to the high rocks from this wave.


After a cocktail party the night before I caught up with Nathan who told me about him and his mates doing some road surfing on Roebuck Plains Highway which sounded like a cool entry for 365, after a quick chat about how and when we decided to meet up the next day.

Sunday was another humid day with blue skies and green grass which was a great change to the dark gloomy week that was Broome, As I got ready to go dad decided to come for a cruise so we headed down after lunch and waited along the road for Nathan and Eddie to arrive.

A lot of traffic was on the road with the welcomed sight of road trains that we stuck down the road from the flooding.


A few locals and family passed by looking for Barni and just for a Sunday drive and then Nathan rocked up and we figured out how to shoot and head down to the side of the road to get some fun shots, using a 4x4 drive car the boys got towed along the side of the road where the flood water sat and I sat in the water as they passed over me getting some great action shots with the 18mm lens.


Today something different, after a chilled day of catching up with some family from Hedland and the usual walk on the beach I was planning to do some night photography for today's entry but as I started to get my gear ready the local wallaby family visited home have a feed on the grass as usual. But today I decided to get a snap of the mother and joey so I went over and sat on the ground and took some snaps as usual.

But this time the mother pretty much stared me down and did a funny threatening move towards me, with her stomping the ground with her feet while going left but keeping her eyes on me.

This mother was the one with the one eye that she got from a fight with a local dog so she gave me a freaky look which was the first time I've seen her like this so One Eye Sally makes it into today's entry.


Tonight I did a time lapse shoot down at Riddell Beach to get a rock formation as a foreground and the curve of the milky way as the backdrop, capturing jpegs with a custom white balance (to make it look more blue) then stacking the images.

Riddell is a great spot in Broome that is still a hidden gem and has some amazing rock formations and sunsets but tonight I wanted to capture a different look and in hindsight I needed some light to exposure the rocks more but the dark still works and that’s the shot for today’s Silhouette.


Okay before you get sick of the star trails I thought I'd have one more go, so I decided to do an old shed composition and headed down to Morgan Camp to shoot the old house there.

Using the Milky Way again I angled the stars to follow the lines of the roof as well as add some more dynamic light and colour by using the street lights as a backdrop.

Since I'm using the 7D for these shots the images do have a lot of noise but it still looks great overall.


After a quick flight to Perth today I went down to Freo to meet up and stay with one of my good friends Felicity to have a late dinner down at the café strip in Freo.

After a yummy meal we checked out the board walk and saw the old bikini lady statue and took some photos there and around the place, were very quiet and peaceful that late but had fun trying to master shooting with the Fuji after a long break.


Shot the stunning Nyima in Perth today down in one of the alley ways in the city with help from Lisa Eades with makeup and styling, Nyima is a local Perth girl who has a bright future and so great to work with, what beautiful day to witness such a beautiful wedding of Novak and Drew, was great to see them both and Novak was just stunning, with a great turnout of friends and family at a great location at the Rose and Crown Hotel in Guilford.


Waiting down at Mills Point in Perth, I decided to get a shot of Perth's cityscape but with a twist, using the polar filter on the CZ 18mm with the cameras monochrome settings I captured the city in the background as I got the nice water reflections as a foreground focus.

The shadow from the bridge was great and with the PL filter I managed to bring back the sky and buildings

A transition day today from my flight back from Perth after attending Novak and Drew's wedding and a much needed trip to see Jadaja which gave us both a tear to the eye, the last few weeks have been hard missing her and I’ve been keeping busy but we both needed a weekend together and she enjoyed the shopping.


So today I revisited a photo merge I did of a sunset of Cable Beach with some great clouds and playing with colour temp on the camera while capturing the shots, it’s great that you can do old school effects on the new cameras that you take for granted with post editing and I’m loving the challenge of capturing and editing in camera

Today I had the chance of catching up with Uncle Frank Ozies to share his story and to show off his Morris Minor that he had bought for $300 and tales of his Stock man days in the Kimberley.

'Born Francis Xavier Ozies in 1930, a traditional Djugun man, who learnt trades from growing up at the Beagle Bay Mission. Worked on the pearling luggers at the age of 16 and by 21 worked on various stations throughout the Kimberley mustering, while droving & became very skilled at saddle work.

He bought his Morris Minor for $300 in Derby and while the owner was trying to sell it to everyone who was trying to knock him down in price Frank came out and said to him will you take a cheque and that's when he was the new owner for 8 years until he was unable to replace the motor on it.'

84 years young and still going strong.


I  <3 NYC

Inspired by New York City, I've always wanted to do a Black & White shot of a model posing next to a big window with natural light overlooking the New York City skyline.

Since visiting NYC is a long way off yet I wanted to try the look in a Faux NYC shoot, using a stunning local model Nyima with help from Lisa Eades an amazing woman who is helping the Perth and South West indigenous girls to enter into the modelling world.

Lisa helped with Styling and Make Up while Nymia did a great job working with the location and looking amazing in the window light.


Although the skyline was Perth it’s still a step towards a dream of visiting and doing shoots in NYC and the challenge of just using the natural sunlight from the window is always tricky but also amazing light so finding the balance is always hard but the 5D with the 50mm lens takes some stunning captures so it wasn't too hard and with Nyima getting the shot was easy.


Taken with the little Fuji X100, the old stone fireplace at Gantheaume Point is what remains of the 1906 keepers quarters, I quickly drove out to test the Fuji at some late sunset shots and although I arrived a bit late I ended up getting the fireplace at some nice light with the clouds as a back drop with them looking almost like smoke escaping from the front of the fireplace.

So much history is at this site from ancient times, to past and present. With such an unstable coast line of sandstone that gets battered every wet season it’s amazing how the landscape here evolves and has its own personality and never really the same with amazing sunsets to shifting ground and exposing rocks.